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Who is eligible?

All children under the age of 10 who has Vietnamese mother or father currently living in the United Kingdom.

All Viethome's members and volunteers are not allowed to join this competition.

How to Join?

Entry to the competition is restricted to 3 entries per family

You will be allow to send no more than 5 pictures per child.

You need to submit the following details in order to join:

Your child full name:

Year of Birth:

Your contact phone number :

Your child's interest, personality:


How to Win

The entry earns the most votes will win the competition.

The votes will be counted by the number of "like" from facebook AND votes through SMS

The competition will  be running  from 05-10-2012 until 11-11-2012


Eligible Pictures

Sensitive parts in the picture are prohibited.

You need to own the pictures and have the right to use, share and upload them.

All fake "like" will be uncounted and the baby will lost the right to join this competition as well as claiming any price.

Nhà Tài Trợ

Trung Tâm Nhận Trông Trẻ Dưới 5 Tuổi.

Nhân Viên Nói Tiếng Anh+Việt
Môi Trường Sạch Sẽ-Vườn Vui Chơi Rộng Rãi Và An Toàn.
Khu Vực: Orpington BR67SE - M25 Junction 4.

Có Dịch Vụ Đưa Đón Tại Nhà Bé Nếu Ở Gần.

Liên Hệ: Thuý 07999428148

htVăn Phòng Kế Toán HT

0208 548 4604

077 0460 4159



Top Hair & Beauty

210 Mare Street-Hackney

E8 3RD

Tel: 0203 222 5400


Contact info


075 5066 0578

0208 144 9479

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


About VietHome

VietHome Project was established by Vietnamese communities who are living, working and studying in the United Kingdom. Our mission is to connect each Vietnamese person with organizations and communities together.We hope that Vietnamese people in the UK will unite - help each others and become one of the biggest - strongest communities overseas.

VietHome Nắm Giữ Mọi Bản Quyền Đối Với Các Thông Tin Do Thí Sinh Đưa Lên.